010huwelijkWhen two people promise each other a lifetime of love and loyalty, for good times and bad, they usually realise that in certain circumstances this promise can be beyond their human strength.

That is why people of faith ask for God's help and blessing to be able to fulfill the promise made in the sacrament of Marriage. Getting married in the church is therefore not just a nice happening for the wedding day. It is the seal of a union between man and woman, before God and the parish community. It is a sacrament to which they accept the mission of witnessing God who is eternal love in ordinary life, faithful without end. During the wedding ceremony, they promise to raise their children to be people of faith and helpfulness and ask for God's blessing for their future.

In our parish, marriage preparation consists of 5 evenings. The first and last evenings are with the respective deacon or priest and the other three evenings are joint gatherings with other wedding couples preparing for their wedding day. It is important to register on time.

First evening
During this evening, the acquaintance, background, motivation, and current situation concerning marriage are central and these are discussed with the relevant deacon or priest. The marriage form will then also be completed. You will also be asked to separately write down the motivation why you want to get married to each other, especially why in church.

Second evening
An explanation of the different sacraments of our faith is the focus of this session and it is therefore a joint evening with the other marriage couples. Baptism, Holy Confirmation and Eucharist receive will full attention. After all, marriage does not stand alone but is part of all our sacraments.

Third evening
The sacrament of marriage is central to this gathering. An explanation is given about this sacrament based on the marriage liturgy. This evening also offers the opportunity to give practical tips about making the booklet. In most cases we assume a wedding celebration will take place in a service of word and prayer.

Fourth evening
An interactive meeting, again together with other marriage couples. Marriage is spoken of as a way of growth. What is necessary for a strong married life? What has faith got to do with it? Again, you are asked to choose a motto for (your) marriage.

Fifth evening
This last evening is a very practical evening, based on the booklet you will practice the pending marriage service in church.

Preparation evenings
The preparation evenings are on Tuesday in the Pastoral Centre (St. Jorislaan 51) and start at 20.00 hrs.

Spring 2021
Evening 1: 9 February 2021
Evening 2: 23 February 2021
Evening 3: 9 March 2021

Summer 2021
Evening 1: 25 May 2021
Evening 2: 15 June 2021
Evening 3: 29 June 2021

You can register by filling in the registration form below and sending an email to the Pastoral Centre: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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