Church TV via the Internet

The Eucharist celebrations in the Joris Parish can be viewed by the website or the parish's Facebook page. You can attend the following celebrations: Every day at 7.00 PM, Sunday at 11.00 AM and 6.00 PM, and at 12.30 PM in English.

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Masses have been cancelled

The Dutch bishops hereby announce that the public liturgical celebrations for Palm Sunday, the other days of the Holy Week (Easter Triduum) and Easter have been cancelled.

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Annual Church Donation for 2020

The Annual Church Donation or ‘Aktie Kerkbalans (AKB)’ 2020 has started and this year’s theme is "Give for your church" ("Geef voor je kerk")

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A new way of collecting at mass

Many people use digital technology for a large part of their payments. Cash, especially for the younger generation, is used less and less.

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