A new way of collecting at mass

Many people use digital technology for a large part of their payments. Cash, especially for the younger generation, is used less and less.

This is why we are starting with digital collections in the St. Joris church – the service is available from 1 December 2019. Electronic donations are completely anomynous, safe and also provide insight into your own financial records (e.g. for tax purposes).

Church donations and annual contributions can even be tax deductable, although this is dependent on your total annual donation and/or contribution.

Collections through your smart phone – how does it work?

Preparation you should do at home first:
1. Please install the Givtapp app via the Google playstore or Applestore.
2. Then set the amount you wish to donate, either as a standard amount or variable for every donation.

Donating in (the St. Joris) church:
1. Please set your phone to silent, with the vibrate function switched on – this way you will not disburb others during mass, but you will notice when the donation has occured through a vibrated signal.
2. Switch your Bluetooth on – the app will then work automatically, that is to say donate, when the donation basket with the electronic token attached to it comes by. The phone and the token will seek connection with one another when in range.
3. When the collection basket is passed to you, the app will confirm that a donation has been made through a vibrated signal. You do not need to hold your phone to the token. It’s that simple!

It goes without saying that collections in cash is still possible, per the same collection basket. If you have any questions concerning digital collections at St. Joris, please contact our Treasurer. Thank you for your support!