Blessing for Eindhoven to go ahead

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the blessing of the city of Eindhoven that was originally planned to take place via helicopter this Sunday, 5 April, can unfortunately not proceed.

However, in cooperation with the other parish in Eindhoven (Sint Petrus’ Stoel), the blessing will go ahead but in an amended form on the same date!

A tour will now take place through the entire Eindhoven municipality. Christ among us! The teams of both parishes (St Joris and St. Petrus’ Stoel) will be present as much as possible: A short prayer will be held in front of each city district church, outside on the church square (see below). The prayer will be concluded with the Blessing. Each district will be blessed with the sacrament of the Eucharist, the consecrated host, in which Christ shows Himself to us as the needed Bread. We pray for all those that are ill in our city, for the medical staff and other carers. Blessing for the entire city that we may prevail over this virus and not now lose courage or hope! Pray with us.

Where and when

As mentioned, the Blessings will take place outside in front of each church on the square on Sunday, 5 April (Palm Sunday), as follows:

St. Catharina Church (City Centre): 14.45 hrs.

St. Trudo Church (Strijp): 15.15 hrs.

St. Antonius Abt  Church (Acht): 15.45 hrs.

St. Petrus Church (Woensel): 16.15 hrs.

St. Martinus Church (Tongelre): 16.45 hrs.

St. Lambertus Church (Gestel): 17.15 hrs.

St. Joris Church (Stratum): 17.45 hrs.

Know that we pray for God’s Blessing for you all!