Ordination deacons

Saturday November 7 our bishop Gerard de Korte will ordain six men as deacons. Two of them belong to our parish.

Quinten Kerckhofs (27) is originally from Belgium. He has received a formation to be a priest at our diocesan seminary and has been active as trainee in our parish for almost a year and a half. For him the diaconate is a step towards being a priest, with his ordination scheduled at the end of May next year.

Michal Mati has two masters in IT. Philips brought him from Slowakia to Eindhoven as cyber security architect. Michal and his wife Anna have been active in our parish for several years, especially in the expats community. Michal studied philosophy and theology in his home country. In Den Bosch he followed a formation for the diaconate for the past year. After his ordination he will continue to be active as a permanent deacon in our parish.

There is a third candidate for the diaconate from Eindhoven: Andreas Inderwisch (48). He and his wife Marieke have been working as pastoral worker for many years. They regularly celebrate the Eucharist in the Saint Joris church.

Because of Corona only a few people are allowed to be present at the ordination in the cathedral in Den Bosch. The ceremony will be broadcast live from 10.30 hrs on the You Tube channel of Sint Jan Den Bosch.

On Sunday November 8th the newly ordained Quinten en Michal will assist at the Eucharist in the Saint Joris church at 11:00 hrs and in the Saint Lambertus church at 12:30 hrs.