Give today for the Church of tomorrow

Soon the annual Church Donation 2021 (Actie Kerkbalans 2021) will start again and many parishioners will receive a letter from our parish priest, Father Wilmink.

This year, Father Wilmink calls attention to supporting each other in these extraordinary circumstances. A time marked by phrases such as “the new normal” and “one and a half meter society”. At this moment, it is even more important to look out for one another.

As a parish, in this corona pandemic, we are also working at this and we will continue to do so in every possible way. Parishioners taking care of others all across the parish in Christ’s name. It's our joint mission. A community that has a soul, nourished by the encounter with Jesus and driven to help build each other through the encounter with that same Christ.

Our six churches are open at fixed times - especially now there is need - and are places of hope in these difficult times. Our liturgy and diaconate continue, as do the wide range of courses that help us to better understand these times, to understand God and ourselves. Through involvement and caring of others, we can all get through this crisis.

Financial support may be the least difficult, in spite of everything. Together we can pass on our parish to the youngest generations who have the right to live an enduring Christian life that has proved truly resilient over the centuries but from which civil society has increasingly drifted away.

Our parish will have the necessary resources for its continued work and growth if every parishioner contributes just € 10 per month.

It is particularly welcome if you can make your contribution to this annual Church Donation 2021 by making out your gift to the ‘Parochie Sint Joris’, bank account number NL08 INGB 0001 0984 98, detailing "Actie Kerkbalans 2021".

Thank you.