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    Meet the pastoral team
    Members of the pastoral team can be reached by phone at the St. Joris Church Pastoral Center phone number. You can also send an e-mail to the Pastoral Center for the attention of one of the members of the pastoral team. The secretariat of the Pastoral Center will then take care of forwarding it to the person(s) in question.
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    Pas­tor René Wilmink

    In beautiful Twente I was born (1974) and grew up. Following high school, I started the priesthood training and was ordained in 1998 in the cathedral in Bossche. After having had the opportunity to work in Handel for 10 years, I came to work half time in Breugel after a year in Den Bosch. The other available time I devoted to the diocesan vocations ministry. After about two years came the move to Eindhoven. My deepest desire, which feeds my mission every day: to be there in Christ's Name for the people of today, to acquaint them with the actuality of the Gospel and bring them to Christ. "Rejoice in the Lord at all times, once more rejoice!" (Phil. 4:4)

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    Chap­lain Arock­i­a­doss Belaven­dran

    My name is Arockiadoss Belavendran, call sign Arockia. I am a Norbertine and a member of Jamtara Abbey in India. I was born in 1974 in Thennamary, a small village in Tamil Nadu, in South India. In 1994, I entered the Norbertine community in Trichy, there. After my priestly training in various places in India, I was ordained a priest in December 2004 along with 4 fellow brothers. I worked for 8 years in the minor seminary, as a high school teacher and as a chaplain in a parish. In 2014, I came to the Netherlands to strengthen the Norbertine community in Tilburg and assist in the Heikant-Quirijnstok parish. In 2022, I received a new appointment from Bishop De Korte to work in this parish. I hope to get to know you all soon and I hope that together with the pastoral team I can make a good contribution to the Saint Joris parish in Eindhoven.

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    Priest John Ono­ja

    My name is John Onoja C.S.sp. I am a member of the Congregation of the Fathers of the Holy Spirit (Spiritinians). I am from Nigeria. After high school, I entered the Spiritines in 1997. I received my priestly training in Ghana and Nigeria, followed by a two-year internship in Algeria (an Islamic country in northern Africa). After completing my priestly training, I was ordained a priest in 2008 and came to the Netherlands at the end of 2009. I live in our Spiritine community, also called the missionary team, here in Eindhoven. I am the responsible pastor for the English-speaking community in our St. Joris parish. That was on a part-time basis. Now I work full-time, with English-speaking and Dutch-speaking parishioners, focusing on the Gestel and Strijp church districts. My stay in the Netherlands so far has been a learning process. I am happy to have been appointed to St. Joris parish and I expect a good cooperation with the pastoral team. In addition, I hope to get to know the parishioners in the near future, and if they support me a little in this, that will certainly succeed.

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    Who are we?

    From Strijp to Tongelre, one community in Christ with multiple locations. The parish Sint Joris is the community we form together as baptized and future baptized in Christ in the southern part of our city of Eindhoven. A parish is - or rather should be - like one family that is there for each other in mutual care from the connectedness with Jesus Christ and his Church. We give shape to this first of all by coming together around the altar where we acknowledge and celebrate God's presence in a special way. We celebrate our faith in God during the liturgy! We do so at all times where we celebrate the sacraments. We also do that by learning about the Bible and tradition, and that feeds our mission to witness in the world servingly to our faith in Christ that includes even eternal life. This is how we help build the Kingdom of God in the midst of us!



    Diaken Rob Kosterman has been appointed pastor for the city of Eindhoven, by Bishop De Korte, as Street Pastorate since 2018. For more information about his work, please visit the website:


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