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    Pas­toral con­ver­sa­tion

    People can be seriously ill or even know they will die. Being sick is a profound thing for any person. There may also be issues in being ill that one would like to discuss with someone from the parish.


    What can these conversations be about?

    Sometimes the conversations are about guilt as one looks back on his/her life. Or about fear that can paralyze. One wonders if they did it all right. Or just exchanging thoughts about what comes after this. Perhaps there is anxiety about how to get on with those left behind. But it's not always so hard. At a sick bedside, there is also a lot of relativity and laughter.


    The most important thing is that you also get something out of it!

    All the topics that can be discussed when "the pastor" visits. But of course also the possibility to pray or be quiet together. If one has a preference for a particular pastor that can also be indicated.


    To make an appointment with one of the members of the pastoral team, please contact the pastoral center staff.


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