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    Sup­port Point Ma­te­r­i­al Aid

    The parish wants to help people in urgent financial need. Eindhoven residents to whom this applies can therefore appeal to the Support Center. You do not have to be a Catholic or church member.


    Care for one's neighbor

    Care for one's fellow man is inseparable from the parish. What is there to celebrate, if you are not ready for your fellow man? And in doing so, like the Good Samaritan, you don't look at religion, skin color or origin. You simply help. If you live in Eindhoven and have urgent financial questions, you can contact the Support Point for good advice and first material help in need.

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    Initiative and inspiration

    The Support Point Material Aid is an initiative of the joint Catholic churches of the Eindhoven deanery. The stained glass window of the Good Samaritan that can be found at the disabled exit of the Catharina Church symbolizes this work. This Bible story is the inspiration for the selfless help given by volunteers and made possible by donations from many.


    All of Eindhoven

    The Support Center is an independent committee of parish Sint Joris but works on behalf of all parishes of the deanery in the municipality of Eindhoven. Help is given to every inhabitant of Eindhoven regardless of his or her religious background. If necessary, an appointment will be made for the consultation hour on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon. Two support staff members will then be ready to serve you with advice, referral, a loan or a gift for basic necessities.




    Information and support

    Do you want more information about the Support Center? The Support Point has its own website:


    Pastoral Center

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    5614 AA Eindhoven

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