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    Two people pledging lifelong love and loyalty to each other

    When two people pledge lifelong love and faithfulness to each other, for better or worse, they usually realize that in certain circumstances this promise may be beyond human strength.


    This is why in the Sacrament of Marriage, people of faith ask God's help and blessing to be able to fulfill the promise made. So getting married in the church is not just a fancy dressing up for the wedding day. It is the sealing of a commitment between husband and wife, before God and the parish community. It is a sacrament by which they accept the mission to witness in ordinary life to God who is eternal love, faithful without end.During the marriage blessing, they promise to raise their children to be faithful and helpful people, and ask for God's blessing for their future.



    In our parish, there is a preparation process of 5 evenings. The first and last evening are with the relevant deacon or priest and the other three evenings are joint meetings with other married couples who are preparing for their wedding day.


    First evening

    During this evening the introduction, background, motivation and current state of affairs regarding the marriage are discussed with the relevant deacon or priest. Also, the marriage form will be completed in advance. You will also be asked to write down separately the motivation for why you want to marry each other and then also especially for the Church.


    Second evening

    This evening there will be an explanation of the various sacraments of our faith and is therefore a joint evening with any other married couples. Baptism, confirmation and Eucharist will receive full attention. After all, marriage does not stand alone but is part of all our sacraments.


    Third evening

    The sacrament of marriage is the focus of this meeting. Using the structure of the wedding liturgy, an explanation of this sacrament will be given. Also, this evening offers the opportunity to give practical tips on how to make the booklet. In most cases we assume a marriage celebration in a service of word and prayer.


    Fourth evening

    An interactive meeting, again together with other married couples. It will discuss marriage as a path of growth. What is needed for a strong married life? What does faith have to do with that. Again we will be asked to make a motto for the marriage.


    Fifth evening

    This last evening is a very practical evening, using the booklet we made, we will practice in the church.


    Preparation evenings 

    Preparation evenings are on Tuesday evenings in the Pastoral Center, at 51 St. George's Avenue and begin at 8.00 p.m.: 

    Noon 2023
    Evening 1: Oct. 24
    Evening 2: Nov. 07
    Event 3: Nov. 21

    February 2024
    Evening 1: February 06
    Evening 2: February 20
    Event 3: March 05

    Summer 2024
    Evening 1: May 28
    Evening 2: June 11
    Evening 3: June 25



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