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    Priestly ordination

    From the beginning of the Church.....


    Since the first century, the Church has had priests. Jesus personally chose twelve apostles. They followed Jesus and thus got to know Him better: His words and actions would become the life task for the apostles themselves.

    Early on, the successors of the apostles (the bishops), had helpers to bring and explain the Gospel to the people. They also tell what effects it has on life here and now. They are the ones in the community of faith in the midst of the world, bringing the sacraments to the people and thus being the visible sign of Jesus' presence building our lives. This is true to this day.

    In Church history, men have been called again and again to follow Jesus and to bring Him to the people to whom they are sent by the bishop with the commitment of all their lives.

    In our parish, too, there are sometimes conversations and meetings about the priesthood. How do you become priests? And more importantly, how do you find out that God is calling you? 
    If this question is serious then it is good to contact one of our priests in of the team to talk about it in peace and pray about it together. Do not just  walk around with it, but take the opportunity to talk about it.

    Special days of orientation can be found in the parish's annual program. 


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