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    Life-threat­en­ing­ly ill

    If you are seriously ill, you can receive the sacrament of the sick. This sacrament used to be called "the ministry" or "the Last Unction". People waited with it just before dying. In the last forty years, this has changed. The anointing of the sick is best received when the sick person actually receives strength from it. Not just to be strengthened for the final journey.


    Some points to remember

    • The anointing of the sick is for those who are truly, seriously ill. By this we mean: an illness that could lead to death. That could be a severe flu for a frail elderly person, but of course also any serious heart condition or forms of cancer.
    • The anointing of the sick is a sacrament. That means that only living people can receive this anointing. For those who have already died, there are very beautiful other prayers, but no more sacraments. Also, it means that only a priest can administer it. Deacons, pastoral workers and hospital chaplains who are not ordained cannot administer a sacrament.


    Would you or one of your close relatives like to receive this sacrament? Please contact the priests of the parish in time via (06) 45 36 10 04.


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