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    Picking your own final resting place

    It is very sad when one has to say goodbye to a loved one. Assuming that you will visit your loved one regularly, it is nice if you can help determine where your loved one will get his/her final resting place. You may also decide, to a certain extent, what the grave monument and/or grave planting will look like. The administrator will be happy to receive you to discuss this with you.


    The parish Sint Joris area has traditionally had a large number of cemeteries. Since the establishment of the new parish as of 01-01-2012 a large number of these cemeteries fall under the responsibility of the administration of parish Sint Joris.


    For questions regarding burials and burial rights for these cemeteries, please contact the Pastoral Center.


    The administrators of the cemeteries in the St. Joris parish are Mr. M. Boets and Mrs. Th. de Laat. They can be reached by phone at the Pastoral Center, 040 211 04 67, or by mail:



    The cemeteries under the management of parish Sint Joris:

    • Cemetery Trudo
    • Cemetery Theresia
    • Cemetery Antonius
    • Cemetery St. Joris
    • Cemetery St. Severinus
    • Cemetery St. Jozef-Tivoli


    In addition, there are a number of cemeteries within the parish where management and maintenance is provided by a separate management foundation and/or is wholly owned by such a foundation:

    • Cemetery St. Martinus
    • Cemetery St. Calixtus
    • Cemetery St. Lambertus
    • Cemetery St. Catharina


    Placing an urn

    In addition to burial, almost all cemeteries have the option of placing an urn (after cremation) in an urn grave or in a columbarium. It is also possible to place an urn in an existing grave.


    After termination of the burial period

    After termination of the burial period, the ashes are scattered at the scattering field. This is always done in consultation with the next of kin, if known. Next of kin, as the rightful owner of a grave or urn, must always keep their own records up to date with the cemeteries' administration.


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