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    Holy Baptism

    Discover the rich meaning and profound spirituality of the holy sacraments within St. George Parish in Eindhoven. Learn how these sacraments can strengthen your faith and enrich your spiritual journey.

    Becoming a member of the RC Church by three times anointing with water in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    We have two separate routes of preparation: 

    1) Adult Baptism with preparation beginning in September. Adult Baptism takes place at the Easter Vigil, during the Easter vigil.

    2) Infant Baptism, where two evenings of preparation are attended by parents, in addition to participation in the life of the parish community in one of the church districts.
    The birth of a child is a unique event. It awakens in many parents such a sense of gratitude that they want God's blessing for their child's future. Baptism is the first sacrament; the person to be baptized is "washed" with baptismal water and anointed with consecrated oil.

    We would like to work with you to ensure that proper preparation precedes baptism.
    The celebration of baptism can be held in your preferred church. It is important to register early. For this reason, two evenings are held each month for all parents together.
    The first evening
    is devoted to getting acquainted, where the question
    can also be briefly discussed around the motivation why one wants to
    have one's child baptized. Then the evening continues on the baptismal liturgy,
    in the celebration of baptism a lot happens, because everything that is done
    and every prayer has a meaning. Thus, in a simple way
    the meaning of baptism, but even more of being baptized
    is made clear.
    The second evening
    How to act in parenting and especially in the context of
    the personal life of faith? On the basis of a number of questions, the conversation is initiated interactively
    It is not to stimulate parents to pay (more) attention to their personal faith life, to develop it further and let it grow. This
    has a direct impact on parenting.
    Dates and times of baptismal preparation
    The preparation evenings take place in the Pastoral Center, St. George Avenue 51 and begin
    at 8:00 pm. Preparation evenings are held every month. See the calendar for dates.

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