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    Everyone needs companionship or the occasional good conversation. People who are ill or have physical disabilities often lack companionship. They look forward to visits, which can be a bright spot in their difficult circumstances. That is why we are looking for people like you, to volunteer on behalf of the parish to visit these people.
    Or are you someone who would like to receive a visit?


    What do we mean by visiting?

    Drinking a cup of coffee together, catching up, going for a walk, or picking up a common hobby? It all depends on how you want the visit to take place and what the person you are visiting can handle.


    Register for home visits!

    • Are you interested in volunteering to visit with one of our parishioners?
    • Or do you know someone who could benefit greatly from it?
    • Would you like to receive visits yourself?
    • In addition to the volunteers of our parish, the pastors are also happy to come to your home, hospital or nursing home and you can make an appointment with them. 


    If you recognize yourself in any of the above points then we invite you to contact one of the staff at the pastoral center.


    Pastoral Center

    Sint Jorislaan 51,

    5614 AA Eindhoven

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