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    You can join parish Sint Joris parish by contacting us at If you would like to learn more about the Catholic faith, you are also welcome to contact us.


    Which parish do I belong to?

    Every church member basically belongs as a parishioner to the parish where he/she lives. In Eindhoven, there are now only two parishes; above the railroad line the parish of St. Petrus' Stoel and below the railroad line the parish of Sint Joris. Your zip code determines to which of these two parishes you basically belong. But we know the phenomenon of 'preferred parish'. This means that - when you feel more related to the other parish than the one within which you live - you are free to make that known to the parish of your preference.


    When should I register myself or my child as a parish church member? 

    All baptized church members should be in our church member records. 
    All new church members must be registered once by the parish with SILA. When do you belong to the new church members and is it important that you register:

    • New parishioners who come to live in the area of our parish.
    • Children who are baptized, the civil authorities do not report births of children of parents with a SILA registration to the denominations.
    • People who join the church later in life.

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