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    Many activities within the parish are performed by volunteers, including:


    Administrative and editorial duties:

    • Parish Board
    • Steering Group Volunteers
    • Actie Kerkbalans (AKB)
    • Editing parish news/website


    During honorary/church services:

    • Coster
    • Lector
    • Collector
    • Alter server
    • Child's Word Service
    • Children's Nursery
    • Church Guards
    • Church Choir
    • Vacant


    Support of preparatory and educational meetings:

    • Preparation for First Communion
    • Preparation for Confirmation
    • Children's Catechesis
    • Teen group
    • Youth group
    • Volunteer training


    Support and management in and around buildings and organization:

    • Buildings Committee
    • Taking care of flowers in the churches
    • Taking care of liturgical vestments
    • Cleaning churches, Pastoral Center and church community centers
    • Keeping up chores
    • Maintenance of cemeteries
    • Maintenance of garden Pastoral Center and church community centers
    • Sick visit
    • Reception Pastoral Center
    • Construction and maintenance of archives
    • Administrative support
    • Hostess/Church District Centers
    • Coffee serving
    • Meeting afternoon
    • Conducting AKB


    Trustee Joris Parish:

    As of September 1, 2018, a trustee has been appointed at parish Sint Joris. He can be reached by:

    Telephone: 06-23779940



    The confidant is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to him by virtue of his position.


    Pastoral Center

    Sint Jorislaan 51,

    5614 AA Eindhoven

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